Nightstar (UK) Lizzie

Lizzie was a beautiful bitch, sadly she needed to be put to sleep when she was four.

Twystar (UK) Highfield Chad         x                     Tirlan (UK) Ellie


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Five months old
 Four months old
At 12 weeks old, kelpies in the snow







 Nightstar(UK) Max

8 weeks old 

I heard about a working kelpie bitch that had a good outrun, so I rang her latest owner, Bruce Roberts, a stockman from near Sheffield. He was on the lookout for a good kelpie dog to put her to. I told him about a young kelpie that I had seen. When he was eighteen months old, I bought Jed from Derek Bowmer. Later, we were talking, and as we both wanted a pup from our own dogs, it seemed a good idea to out Jed and Ellie together. I kept Lizzie and Bruce kept a red & tan bitch pup, Shandy. There were six puppies and all went to working homes. I didnt know at the time, but David Wood and Derek Cheetham, triallers that I knew, both had a pup. 

                 Max                                                 Lizzie

   Anyone interested in discussing working kelpies in the UK, 

 please email kimpoulter@aol.com or ring 01765 658082.


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